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The use of explosion-proof mobile phones in flammable and explosive scenes

With the rapid development of modern communications, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for people's daily life and work. In many other occasions, such as "gas stations" and "inflammable and explosive places", you will find the slogan "No use of mobile phones" posted in eye-catching positions. The use of mobile phones in these places may cause explosions and accidents : in the flammable and explosive places of chemical industry, common mobile phone becomes a concealed extremely strong safety accident hidden danger.

1200-800-1.jpgWe all know that among the three elements that cause combustion and explosion, there are "ignition source", "combustible material" and "combustible material". During the use of mobile phones, due to the existence of microwaves, etc., there may be electric sparks, battery explosions, etc. Dangerous factors become the source of ignition. Due to the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of mobile phone calls, the transmitting and receiving power of mobile phones is increased. Although it meets the national standards and is harmless to the human body, the energy of sparks generated during use Enough to achieve the ignition energy of some flammable and explosive substances (such as gasoline, methanol, toluene, etc.), once the surrounding flammable and explosive substances reach a certain concentration, it will cause explosion and combustion, causing accidents.1200-800-2.jpgOrdinary mobile phones are prone to explosion accidents when used in flammable and explosive scenes, so intrinsically safe explosion-proof mobile phones must be used in flammable and explosive scenes such as petrochemical industry. Enough electric sparks and thermal effects, and the focus is on any electric sparks and thermal effects generated during the operation of the equipment under specified fault conditions, and will not ignite the surrounding explosive gas environment. The "ib" grade intrinsically safe explosion-proof mobile phone BIG WALNUT large walnut explosion-proof mobile phone produced can be used in hazardous places in Zone 1 and Zone 2

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