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rugged intelligent explosion-proof temperature measurement interphone

In petrochemical, oil field tank farm, coal mining, fuel chemistry, rail transit, and air transportation scenarios, three-proofing smart explosion-proof mobile phones are commonly used, but in this scenario, patrol inspection work will often involve temperature measurement and intercom. Is there any handheld terminal with not only three-proofing and explosion-proof, but also temperature measurement and intercom on the market?


Yes, it is BIG WALNUT Big Walnut B1. This mobile phone has the functions of three prevention and explosion protection, as well as the functions of temperature measurement and PoC intercom. Therefore, BIG WALNUT Big Walnut B1 is your mobile phone for the petrochemical scene workers, giving the petrochemical enterprises intelligence and power, and helping the enterprises to achieve safe and standardized production.

BIG WALNUT Big Walnut B1 Three-proof Intelligent Explosion-proof Temperature Measurement Intercom has obtained a qualified explosion-proof certificate. The certificate number is: CCRI 22.2527X, the explosion-proof mark is: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb, the United States military standard MIL-STD-810H protection certification, the rigid three-proof grade, 1.5 meters waterproof, 1.8 meters fall-proof, 99% dust-proof. Non-contact infrared temperature measurement can collect accurate data for both objects and people, providing efficient working speed for epidemic situation and industrial patrol inspection, with a temperature measuring distance of 5-10cm, a response speed of 0.2 seconds, and a temperature measuring range of - 20 ℃~+80 ℃. Global PoC public network intercom meets the functions of group call, single call, one-to-one image and text information transmission, video transmission, etc., and has been deeply adapted to the intercom communication platforms such as micro-la intercom, Zhuo Zhida, Huamai intercom, Tianyi intercom, and intercom. The independent PTT intercom smart key, and the rest screen can also realize one-key intercom.


      BIG WALNUT Big Walnut B1 is equipped with the native Android 11 operating system, 5G All-Network Communication, dual cards and dual standby, 8000mAh large battery, 64 million main camera, 6.67 inch 2K full screen, 4+64GB/8+128GB/8+256GB memory, and 120dB speaker, which can easily cope with noisy environment.

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