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BIG WALNUT Big Walnut B1-5G Three-Defense Smart Phone

 We all know that the three-prevention mobile phone is the most widely used outdoor product equipment, because it can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. BIG WALNUT Big Walnut B1-5G tri-proof smart phone IP68-IP69K waterproof, dust-proof and fall-proof. It can be used normally no matter how bad the environment is.


Big Walnut B1-5G tri-proof smartphone - waterproof

It is necessary and necessary for the three-prevention mobile phone to be waterproof, because the outdoor travel products will encounter rainy days or fall into the water. If it is normal, the product may suffer from short circuit or other factors affecting the use of the product due to water ingress. In view of this, the big walnut B1-5G three-prevention smart phone is 1.5 meters deep waterproof, which can be said to be excellent in water quality and easy to use.


Big Walnut B1-5G three-prevention smart phone - dustproof

We all know that many people who play cross-country now prefer to play in the desert, and the most serious problem in the desert is that they will enter the sand. Generally, people who play in the desert will protect their eyes, so when playing in the desert, the three defense mobile devices will have the function of dust prevention and sand prevention. Big Walnut B1-5G three-proofing smart phone 99.9% dustproof.


Big Walnut B1-5G Three-proof Smartphone - Anti-falling

As long as it is heard that it is a three-prevention mobile phone, it should be a relatively fall-resistant product. The big walnut B1-5G three-prevention smart phone is not only waterproof, dust-proof, but also fall-resistant. When designing the big walnut B1-5G three-prevention smart phone, it will consider the need for building construction or outdoor travel to prevent it from falling. Ordinary mobile phones need to do some protection. Because the mobile phone does not have the function of falling prevention, the mobile phone generally needs to do a good job of falling protection by itself. However, the big walnut three defense does not need to be protected, because the big walnut has taken into account the factor of product falling when it is designed. The big walnut B1-5G three defense smart phone is 1.8m high.


   For many years, the company has been focusing on the design of the three-defense mobile phone, and its application fields include public security, mobile law enforcement, construction, pharmaceutical, warehousing and logistics, power and hydropower, rail transit and military industry. We are committed to providing users around the world with high-quality, easy-to-use, safe and reliable three-defense handheld terminals.

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